We are excited about the future of cancer care in Alberta. We have so many reasons to be optimistic and so much to be proud of already. Your support of the Alberta Cancer Foundation has paved the way for incredible breakthroughs in research, and you have also been integral in bringing comfort and care to Albertans facing a cancer diagnosis.

Your generosity fuels everything we do, and we are continuously inspired by our community of donors, patients, families, health-care partners and volunteers who year after year remain committed to creating more moments for Albertans facing cancer. But we know there is more work to be done. Your support is more crucial now than ever before.

We invite you to experience the joy of giving and be a part of transformational projects which will continue to enable advancements in research, treatment and care. We look forward to being a part of the progress that the next few years will bring, and are grateful for your continued support.

You can make a difference. You are.
With your support, the opportunities are endless
and the results are life-changing.

Calgary Cancer Centre – Building Hope

We can’t wait. The Calgary Cancer Centre is set to open its doors in 2023, and we know it will change the cancer landscape throughout Alberta and beyond. This centre, this facility, this vision will change the way people receive care in this province.

We are so excited to support the development of this world-class building that will bring research, education, and patient and family-centred care together, where staff feel strengthened by their new space and patients feel well taken care of in their cancer care journey.

We — our donors — have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to be a part of delivering the future of cancer care. We hope you will join us.

We have exceptional researchers in Alberta. We have best-in-class clinicians. Imagine what we can do when we help create the space to excel. Researchers, patients, families, clinicians under one roof will change the questions, generate new answers and foster innovation. Where the focus will be on not just precision medicine or treatment, but on precision care, too.   

Yes, it will be one of the largest cancer centres in the country. There will be space for 160 inpatient unit beds, the capacity for more than 100 chemotherapy chairs and 12 radiation vaults. There will be outpatient cancer clinics, more than 100 patient exam rooms, clinical and operational support services and more space for the clinical trials unit and research laboratories. There will be 1650 parking stalls. But there will be so much more.

There will be tailored care to individual needs. There will be discoveries that translate to improved care. There will be ways to help patients thrive after therapy. So much more.

“The new Calgary Cancer Centre is a wonderful opportunity to truly make Calgary and Alberta really something special from a cancer point of view.”

Dr. Don Morris – Medical Lead, Calgary Cancer Project

We can’t wait.

Cross Cancer Institute — Building Excellence in Care

Since 1968, the Cross Cancer Institute has been delivering expert treatment and care to their patients. And in the last 10 years, we have seen more advances in the cancer field than ever before, meaning patients have access to the latest and greatest treatment options and are living longer. These strides have significantly impacted hematology patients – specifically those requiring bone marrow transplant (BMT). This incredible progress means there is an increasing demand for BMT services at the Cross Cancer Institute.

Like you, we want better outcomes for Albertans facing cancer. You have the opportunity to optimize the BMT experience at the Cross Cancer Institute by creating a dedicated space that will significantly expand and improve BMT treatment and care options.

The impact? Better patient flow, the development of additional outpatient services, greater access to procedures and reducing the length of patient stay in hospital, to name a few.

“Once completed, the Cross Cancer Institute will be able to provide a comprehensive
approach to stem-cell transplant patient care, integrating research and care in one location. It will enable locally and internationally driven research to inform and change future practice.”

Dr. Chris Venner, Hematologist, Cross Cancer Institute

You can be a part of this trailblazing change. You can ensure the Cross Cancer Institute is at the forefront of innovation by providing the latest treatment options and the best patient centred-care available.

Together, we can make that happen.

We kept this report to our community simple so we could highlight the most essential and fundamental aspects of our organization. You – our donors – the researchers and health-care teams in our province, and the Albertans we exist to serve. We went back to basics. Returned to our roots. Focused on our purpose. Supporting any Albertan who hears the words, “you have cancer” no matter where they live in the province, and helping to provide them with access to the best treatment and care available in the world.   

You make this possible and we are incredibly grateful to be your philanthropic partner.

Thank you for creating more moments for Albertans facing cancer.