Back to Basics

It is hard to describe this year without using all the well-worn phrases that accompany a pandemic: unprecedented, new normal, pivot. Non-profits have been no exception to these tumultuous times and we at the Alberta Cancer Foundation have had to adapt and take a hard look at how we do business.

We’ve used this time to focus on delivering an even better philanthropic experience. We’ve looked at the seemingly small things to the big picture ones and everything in between. Cancer doesn’t stop during a pandemic. Neither can we.

We are community driven. Connecting donors to meaningful things that will make a difference in this province is more important than ever before. We want to ensure our donors feel like partners in a shared vision.

We have spent the last little while repeating new words of our own. Renewal. Regeneration. Rejuvenation. We know resilience is also valuable in crisis and it has given us so many reasons to be optimistic. We hope you see that reflected throughout this report to our community as you read about what we’ve accomplished and how excited we are about what’s ahead.

You may also notice we’ve kept this report simple so we can focus on you. Albertans helping Albertans.

We are going back to basics.

Together with our staff, our donors and our partners within the health-care system, our purpose will guide a clear path and direction. To create more moments for Albertans facing cancer by inspiring our community to give.

We are unique in that we are here for all Albertans, no matter your type of cancer, no matter where you live, no matter your cancer stage. Early screening. Personal and financial comfort. Patient navigation help. Cutting-edge, impactful research. Improved treatment and care.

We will help.

We want you to truly experience the joy of giving. To see how your dollars enhance treatment and care at all 17 Alberta Health Services cancer facilities across this province. To read the stories about Albertans you are helping. To know we are working hard—really hard—to deliver the best value for our donors and partners.

We are grateful for the continued support we get from Albertans every single day. From children donating their birthday money, to companies giving back in a variety of ways or families leaving gifts in their wills. We also hear from Albertans on the receiving end of that generosity. It truly is life-changing for them. On behalf of the entire Board of Trustees and the Alberta Cancer Foundation team, thank you for creating those moments.

We can’t wait to see what’s next.